Monday, March 21, 2016


This week we went on exchanges down in Zhunan. It might have been my last time serving with Elder Marks my trainer. He will be going home at the end of this transfer in April. Pretty crazy! We had a really good time!

Thursday when we were back in our area things got pretty crazy! We are just trying to keep up with all the people we need to meet with which proves to be a bit difficult when we only have Thursday Friday and Saturday. But it went pretty well! We had the chance to meet with four or five people that are progressing really really well toward their baptismal dates. It is really interesting because most of them came from part member families or friends of a member and I'm noticing that teaching them is quite a bit different. Most of them seem like they have already made the decision that they want to be baptized and they are just meeting with us to learn how and to grow closer to the Savior. It is much different than some people we find that are happy to just listen to us talk but don't want to act and do the things they need to to get an answer! 

The girl that is supposed to be baptized this Saturday however did not come to church yesterday so we probably will be postponing her baptism a bit. She is really really good as far as all of the gospel knowledge goes. But she is still lacking that action part that is super crucial! 

Hmm.. Other things that happened this week. Elder Diepeveen and I told the investigator we were meeting with after church yesterday that we would bring her a lunch to eat.. That was pretty interesting because we never cook! On Sundays we usually just boil noodles or make rice or something super simple unless a member feeds us. Well I called her and asked her if there was anything she especially liked to eat and she said she likes to eat potatoes;) Pretty interesting answer for a taiwanese.. Anyway we ended up making her some mashed potatoes for lunch and it went okay! She is still progressing towards baptism so we didn't mess up too bad! Hahaha also Sunny is amazing! We still see her very often and she is always helping us with everything that you can imagine. We asked her where we could buy potatoes and she showed up at our house with potatoes and bacon and told us how to make it! Which is impressive cause she doesn't cook..  She called a friend and asked them how to do it for us! Hahaha she's awesome! 

I also made scotcharoos again last Monday and I shared them with our district and some people in the ward and some investigators for their birthday and with the Bishop and his family cause we are really trying to develop our relationship with him! Everyone really liked them! Lots of people thought they were too sweet.. But still good:)

And that brings me to goals.. After I made those I decided that I am going to stop eating candy and sweets and treats and all of those wonderful things! So far it has gone pretty well! I'm glad I have made it half a week;) Elder Diepeveen and I also set a goal to speak Chinese all the time! That has gone well too and I've hardly spoken English since Wednesday! Since starting it I feel like my Chinese has gotten worse so that has been a bit frustrating! I think it just makes it a lot easier to see your Chinese isn't wonderful when you speak it more! So this will be great for helping me improve and get some better Chinese! 

This week was a good week! I am learning the Christlike attribute of patience and it is great! I'm learning that we have to be patient with ourselves.. This past week I felt like I was able to see a lot of my weaknesses and I'm just trying to patiently work to improve them! Just like my favorite scripture Ether 12:27! 

Love you all! Keep it up! Remember that you are awesome! 

Love Elder Jensen!

Also, a member showed me a picture of some really tasty looking treats! I guess there's some new business starting up called Sweetbuns or something! Everybody should check it out!  

This is me flipping over the two of them a few weeks ago!

Had some fog and did some cooking!

Ate hamburgers!

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