Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The New Year Celebrations are Over

Last week was a really great week! We spent all week going to families homes and eating wonderful meals and getting to know the members in our ward! 

It has been a long time since last week happened though so I will do my best to remember some things that happened! 

I woke up at 3 AM this morning to email before going to the temple so that is pretty crazy! 

Hmm so last week we had a really good week! Even though people were all celebrating all week we were able to have lots of lessons with people on the street and we were able to get a couple of people to set up to continue meeting with us! 

We did get to see Sunny every single day last week though so that was awesome! She fed us a couple of meals too! They were all really good! She also came to church again on Sunday! She reads and prays every day! All is going well! She still isn't sure about being baptized though.. She does it all but it feels like the real intent/understanding is still missing a little bit. She said she is going to talk to a friend she has about being baptized this week. Hopefully that goes well. I told her to talk to God about it as well! She is even coming down to do a temple tour in Taipei while we are there today! She is awesome! 

I got a package from Tianmu from Amber that was baptized right after I left! It was the nicest thing ever! Had a lot of little snacks and a really really nice note! She told me that it was hard the day of her baptism without me there but that it was all going well! She also said that when we asked for her number the night we met her she almost gave us the wrong one! I am so glad that she didn't.. It was a really great day getting that. Really helped me to appreciate this awesome chance to be here and help people! Cool to see a little bit of the results of that! 

I'm having a rough time remembering a lot other than eating so I will tell you about that.. Every meal we would go to a house and they would have rice and either lots of different plates with things like fish and vegetables and meat or they would have hot pot and we would cook our own meat and vegetables. We ate a lot of really good food and we got really really full every meal! It was also super nice not to have to decide what to eat everyday! That is always a really difficult decision.. 

All is going really good here! We have seen a ton of people really willing to meet again and to set baptismal dates this Monday and Tuesday! Things are picking up and things are going back to normal after the holiday and I'm excited! 

In church we learned about how adversity is for our good and it helps us learn and grow! I really enjoyed that lesson! If you have that kind of attitude I think adversity can be kind of enjoyable! Despite the pain and uncertainty and stuff, if you just keep looking for how to learn and improve from it it can be fun! And I would like to bear my testimony that I know that this is true! I have definitely seen myself grow the most as I have faced things that have been difficult and forced me to stretch! So no matter what you are facing, hang on, have a good attitude, and try to learn and grow! It will all work out in the end! 

Love you all! Happy Valentines day last week! Have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Jensen!

Random lady that wanted a picture and Ambers awesome package!

A nice sunset and field!

"Do me a favor"
We cut Jerry's hair.. I messed it up a little bit there on the side! I felt bad.. But it turned out looking pretty okay! Maybe.. Haha

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