Monday, February 22, 2016

Short week!

The temple on Wednesday was really really good! It just so happened that some missionaries from the Taizhong mission were at the temple at the same time! That was pretty cool! Saw some people I knew in the MTC and an Elder I went to school with. Elder Osborne. 

Sunny also came to the temple! She is doing well! We have still seen her every single day! She had a baptismal interview yesterday but decided she's not quite ready yet. She wants to talk to a friend about it on Tuesday! We are still helping her develop her faith and stuff! It is a little confusing because she has accepted all of the lessons no problem and believed them all.. But then you ask her if she believes and she isn't willing to quite just say she believes she says half and half or something! She hasn't been moved to action by the message yet! But she does read and pray everyday so we are going to be helping her see her answer and I'm excited for her to be baptized in the upcoming weeks!! 

Also we met with an investigator named Juice on Saturday and he is absolutely amazing! He sat down and started asking us super sincere questions before we had even had a chance to have an opening prayer! He just really wants to learn! We were able to answer his questions and teach him the restoration! He is really excited to read the Book of Mormon and he is going to keep meeting as well! He met missionaries a few years ago but then had to go do his military service and never saw them again! I'm really looking forward to seeing him continue to progress and learn as well! 

In other news, Jason from our ward is finally home! He wasn't supposed to come home until next week but after the bombing in Turkey where he was going to be for the next week and a half he decided to come home early!! It was super great to see him! He brought home an entire suit case of chocolate from europe and very generously shared with all of us! He is an awesome awesome guy! So great to have him back:) 

That is about it for this last few days! Time continues to go by super fast! 

We saw a few times this week the Lord putting the people that would be willing to listen and meet right in our path. It is always such a blessing! We learned a little bit more about growing through adversity yesterday! So I am going to testify of it again;) I have really seen myself grow the most as there have been hard times or trials on my mission! 

Sometimes out on the road I am still surprised that I'm out here as a missionary! Time just goes really fast.. I always thought I'd get to a point where I felt old and capable of being big, but I still feel like a little kid;) It is weird.. We talk to high school kids on the street sometimes and I feel like they are all way older than me! But I'm still learning and growing! It is great!! Love you all! Have a great week! Be safe!! Remember Heavenly Father loves you and is mindful of you! 

Love, Elder Jensen

Amazing lady.. Jason and his suitcase!

I forgot to mention this lady! We ran into her last night and she jumped up and got super excited and we were like "Holy cow this lady is perfect" Well it turned out we were right.. She went to church with her friend also in the picture who is in one of the other wards. She said that she met him on facebook after she started looking for God. Then he invited her to church and she told us church was awesome and she could barely stop herself from crying! She was super super prepared and already set up to meet with the missionaries in her area and everything! Us running into her just helped her solidify her growing testimony I think. People here call it fate or God's arrangement! Sounds better in Chinese.. But it was great! 

Funny.. I'm not sure if this is real or some missionary did it when making the card, but it made me laugh!

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