Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Yesterday was New Years Eve and today is the Chinese New Year! It is much more celebrated than Christmas or New Years! I'll tell you a bit about it later on! 

This last week was a fairly normal week! We had a really hard time getting people to set up because of the upcoming Chinese New Year. I'm excited for it to be over.. People have been telling us since Christmas that they are busy until after the Chinese New year so we should have a ton of people to meet with once it is all over! But this week is going to be a really great week as well! Everyone is always working or at school here and this week almost everyone is off! Hopefully that results in some big miracles!

On Monday we went to a trampoline park for our preparation day!! It was so much fun! It had been a long time since I got to do anything like that! Waking up on Tuesday was rough though.. We were super super sore! But it was all good! We also ran every morning this week! So we were pretty sore..

Hmm.. almost every night Sunny calls us and tells us that she has bought us something and we should come pick it up! It is pretty nice because we get to try some tasty food we don't normally eat and we get to talk to her about the gospel! She set a baptismal date for the 27th of February and we are really excited for her! We are still working on getting her committed to reading the Book of Mormon and Praying so that she can get an answer that baptism is Heavenly Fathers will for her! But she's doing well! She's home alone all week during the Chinese New year so we are going to try to get her involved with some of the members in the ward. She'll also be feeding us a few times this week so we will get to see a lot of her! It's really good because we don't have many others that want to see us right now. 

We have been visiting some less actives this last week and we have had some success finding them and also finding some new people to teach around or in their homes. On Saturday night we went to the home of a less active and a really nice man answered the door and let us in and we were able to sit down with his wife and his daughter and him. They all spoke pretty good english and we found out that he is the head cheer leading coach of the Taiwan National team that won the World Championship in Florida last year! His wife also coaches cheer leading! They were really nice and listened really intently to our message! Really hope that we can meet with them again soon! 

Yesterday we also had a miracle! A man came walking down the road as we were knocking some houses before dinner. I started talking to him and came to find out that he met with missionaries 10 years ago when he was in high school. He was super super nice and he was super willing to set up with us next week when he gets back from Shanghai. His name is Juice so that is pretty sweet!

So church was only one hour for the New year and then Last night a family fed us at their home. It was the same family that fed us on Christmas. We ate steak spaghetti and a lot of really good fruit and a delicious pumpkin soup and it was awesome! Brother Zhou's older brother was also there and we got to find out their whole conversion story! It was really awesome! So he met missionaries while in college and was baptized then he introduced his younger brother (the one in our ward) to the church and then he met a girl at school and introduced her to the church as well. He went on a mission and then came back and married that girl. His brother went on a mission as well and then came back and married another return missionary that was baptized about the same time as him. In like 2008 after years and years their mother was baptized and then in 2011 she passed away and their father that had been pretty stubborn and mocked them was baptized. Because that one man was baptized already their whole family of like 12 kids and all the people that he and his brother baptized have all come into the church! Pretty awesome story! 

We have people set up to feed us lunch and dinner every single day this week.. We just came from lunch with Brother Huang and his wife in our bishopric. It is going to be a crazy week! I'm really excited to get to know the ward better! We are putting a big focus on working better with the ward so it will be great! 

I know that this message is true! I know that it can bring us the greatest peace and happiness available in this life. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here sharing that! Keep thinking of friends and family that can be helped from this message! I know it is scary, but all they can say yes or no and if they say yes it will change their life and the lives of their family members forever! So it is worth it!! 

One last thing! The earthquake! We live on the 12 floor in our apartment building and I woke up one morning and our building was swaying back and forth! It was a bit of a larger sway than the earthquakes in the past but still not too bad! All was fine and I think I fell asleep again as it was stopping!

Hope that you all have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all! Stay safe! Don't forget to do the simple things! Read your scriptures! Pray! Trust the Lord! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Nice lady we met on the street taking care of the plants she is growing in old bathtubs all down the side of that road! We helped her put some wood over one of them so that the weather wouldn't be quite as big of a problem! 

I forgot to say this in the main email, but I learned this afternoon that a few weeks ago I ate fish ovary. They poured alcohol on it and then lit it on fire and then fed it to us with some radish! It was a pretty weird flavor! I had no idea what it was when we ate it but it was okay! Just wanted to let someone know before I forgot! 

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