Monday, February 1, 2016

A Sunny Week

This title is funny.. We have an investigator named Sunny and it was a really sunny warm day yesterday for church finally;) Sunny is the one from last week that came to FHE with her daughter and husband. 

This week was a pretty good week! On Tuesday we got to watch the Worldwide missionary broadcast and it was really good! I learned a lot. One thing I liked was that it is our job to bring the spirit unto peoples hearts and they have to decide whether to let it in or not. It is really hard when you feel like you are feeling the spirit and they don't seem to be very interested or care.. But it is their choice! So I'm trying to get good at bringing the spirit and giving them a good opportunity to let it in! 

After that we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in Zhunan! That was fun! I was with Elder Marks again! It had been about 3 months since I had served with him and I realized that I have changed a lot. It was a lot of fun to get to be his companion again for a day though! We had a few people just walk up to us and ask where our church was cause they wanted to go check it out! That was pretty interesting cause it never happens and it happened twice that afternoon! 

The rest of the week was pretty normal.. We had a hard time finding people willing listen to us this week. Last week we had like 15 lessons with people on the street and this week we had about 5! But it was still a pretty good week! We were able to find new investigators through some referrals and things! 

Sunny our investigator fed us twice this past week and she also came to Church!!! We finally had investigators come to church! That was awesome! So it was a sunny week! We asked her about being baptized and she wouldn't give an answer yet. It made her nervous! So we are praying this week that she will be able to get an answer! She is really nice! At church our ward was making a list of people to feed us everyday during the Chinese New year and they announced that they were missing lunch four days in a row and no one in the ward said anything and then she raised her hand and said "I'll do all 4 of them" Hahaha It was awesome!! Someone in the ward grabbed one, but she still ended up with 3.. I feel bad for her but she is super awesome! 

One other miracle we saw this week was with Wendy the 9 year old girl. We went to check if she was home and her dad said that she wasn't, but we had set up the Primary president again for in a few minutes. We weren't sure if we should just not go or if we should try talking to the dad. We went with the primary president and decided to talk to the dad. He let us and and let us start sharing with him a bit about the church and the good we know it will do his daughter. He was really open and then all of the sudden we heard a voice upstairs and it was Wendy! Apparently she hadn't left yet! So we got to sing with her and share a small lesson and then we talked to her dad about coming to church and he said that he could probably take her! Wendy came back into the room and we told her she could come tomorrow and she said she already had plans and couldn't come.. That was frustrating.. She is pretty stubborn sometimes;) But It is a miracle that her dad's heart is being softened and she should be able to come to church soon so I am excited!! 

I hope that you all have a great week this week! Whatever you are going through have patience, rely on the Lord, work hard and I know it will all work out! I love you all! 

Elder Jensen

Turns out I didn't take many pictures this week.. Wrote my first note in Chinese!

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