Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

I'm so blessed to have this extra day to serve my mission;) 

We had a really good week this last week! I'm trying to think of some highlights here.. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Lindahl! It was a lot of fun! We were able to teach a few lessons and I was able to learn a lot from him! 

This week we just hit the street when we could! We always take quite a blow to our finding time when we are both in Zhunan for 2 whole days, but it is all good! 

On Thursday night we went to visit a less active sister that lives right by us. We went over to her hair cut and make up place to meet with her and she introduced us to her apprentice maybe.. I don't know what you'd call her! She is friends with the ladies daughter and works there with her! We taught them a lesson and then on Sunday the woman and her daughter and her daughters friend all came to church! That was a huge success! This sister is really cool and still has a strong testimony and wants to come to church she just has gotten busy and let coming slip from her priorities a little bit! She's really nice and also offered to teach Elder Welch and I how to do make up and stuff after our missions.. She said we could also model for her.. So there is one career option;) 

Hmm.. Sunny is still doing well! We didn't see her on Tuesday or Wednesday because of the exchange but other than that we still see her everyday.. She really likes to feed us! She feeds us everyday I think.. And tries to feed us multiple meals a lot of days.. It is kinda crazy! We are trying to limit it, but it is super nice! She is still just reading and praying every day and working towards her baptism! She says that she just has some stuff she needs to do first, I have asked her what and she said she needs to go down with a friend to visit a friend and stuff like that.. I'm not sure what that means but she will get there soon:) 

Sunday was probably the best Sunday of my mission.. Maybe! We finally got multiple people to church! We had Sunny and then two 14 year old boys that we met on the street! They set baptismal dates and then came to church! I'm really excited for the two of them! Then we had a man on Saturday night from this man we met on the street like a month ago from India and he said he wanted to come to church as well! And then there was the less actives worker/friend! It was a weekend full of wonderful miracles!! I was so grateful for that! I've felt like we have been working hard every week and in the end we haven't been able to see any results on Sunday! I am learning a lot about patience though! We just have to hang in there and work hard and rely on the Lord and it will all work out as it should! 

Also last night the Zhou family fed us and Sunny! It was really good as always and an american family was there as well! The dad teaches here at a college and they have been living here for a long time but they are from Idaho! That is always fun! 

This morning we went to a CPR training/hike thing with the ward and it was a lot of fun! The guy teaching was super super funny! And He gave me the Heimlich.. Scared me to death, even though he didn't really pull;) It has been great to start getting to know the ward a lot better! They are all a lot of fun and they have lots of fun little kids!  

I love you all! I hope that you have a wonderful week! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here serving among these people. I just wanted to share another little thing that I have been learning. The spirit uses really small methods to communicate with us! I have realized on my mission sometimes I'll have just small feelings of comfort or small thoughts, but those are the spirit helping me and those we are working with! I know that has been a big part of the meeting with Sunny! I think she can feel it when she is around us! She likes to see how happy we are and be around that kind of energy! It is such a small thing. . Put it is powerful! Don't disregard the little simple things:) Be safe! Much love! 

Elder Jensen!

All of us with Sunny and Jason!

This is why you always where your helmet.. I don't know if you can tell but it is super smashed up! Just kidding.. It blew off my bike and got run over while I was gone! That was too bad.. But I have a new one now! 

Found a field and fort at the top of a mountain while proselyting! That never happens!

This is what most days look like.. We chased this guy down and pulled him over! Turned out he wants to learn the gospel and we are meeting him tonight!

Grassfield morning activity!

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