Monday, October 5, 2015


Right after emailing last week it started raining.. We went and got some groceries and when we came back out it was really windy and raining! We ran home.. No bikes again cause Elder Marks was broken and then we sprinted over to a ladies house that said Monday was the only day she could have a lesson! We got soaked and it was a lot of fun! After that we went to get some pens at a store in shilin for Elder Marks and walking home from there it was about 4 o'clock and getting pretty windy and rainy! It was a lot of fun! Nothing too crazy! We got the call to stay inside for the night so we weren't able to go to the rest of our lessons but I got some good language study in! I could hear the wind in the house and it sounded pretty crazy! But still slept fine! And when we woke up the next day everything went back to normal! There were lots of leaves on the ground and some scooters and trees/branches that had fallen though! But we were all safe! 

Tuesday we went to the trainer/trainee halfway meeting! It was super awesome to see Elder Facer again! He seemed to be doing well! It was a really good meeting! Lots of fun to see friends.. I didn't take any pictures! 

Wednesday we had English class and district meeting and got Elder Marks bike fixed! It has been super nice to have that back! 

We met with that family we met forever ago and had a good lesson but they said they're really busy and didn't set up again! I will be back at calling them this week! 

Hmm.. It seemed like a lot of people didn't show up for their lessons this week. That was a little frustrating. I will tell you a miracle that came from it! So the sisters in Shilin set up a meeting for us with someone and we didn't have his number we just went to the place and we were hoping we'd be able to find him. That didn't work out and we didn't know what to do. It was about 8:30 and we had a half hour to do something before we needed to be home! There was this guy sitting on a bench and I kept feeling like we should just go teach him. We walked over and started and we were able to share a message and set him up again for this week! It was really great! Most people we don't just get a lesson with like that.. But it worked out perfect with him! Hopefully he is interested! 

So.. I won't be watching conference until this next weekend! But I have heard that it was really good and I can't wait for that!! 

I'll tell you about what we eat here.. Every morning I eat raw oatmeal with this runny yogurt stuff over it! It is super good:) Then we eat lunch and dinner on the street almost every day! We eat lots of noodles or rice with some sausage or duck or chicken and some vegetables! It is all pretty good! I don't love the chicken or duck though cause it is hard to eat around the bones;) Sometimes members have us over! It is great! Last night we went to a part member family house and shared a lesson and ate dinner! It was beef and fish and chicken and rice and vegetables! But they also made apple pie! It was super good! 

Also I forgot a few weeks ago there were 2 earthquakes I felt. It is so weird! Like rolling kind of! But pretty cool! 

I love study times every morning! I think I have already said that.. But it is so awesome what you can learn and what you can find in the scriptures! Starting with a prayer really helps focus you and you can ask questions and its great! Read the Book of Mormon!! It will bless your life! 

I love you all so much! Miss you all too! 

Oh also both the sisters in our district moved and we finally got a new zone leader! I haven't met any of them yet but they seem great! 

Have a wonderful blessed week!! 

Love, Elder Jensen

Last night at the members house she let us take home these Chinese pipes to practice! I'm not very good but it's fun.. And looks cool;) 

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