Monday, September 28, 2015

Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le

This weekend everyone has been celebrating the Mid autumn festival or moon festival. Which is Zhong Qiu Jie. It has been a lot of fun! Everyone does tiny barbecues out on the road and eats lots of moon cakes and stuff! They are super tasty! They have pineapple ones! 

So this week has been the best so far! For a few reasons!

 The first is that we had our baptism. I don't know if I said but his name is Aaron. He is super super awesome and hearing him bear his testimony after the baptism was one of the highlights of my mission so far. He is a great friend and he's just really cool! Also after the baptism he was asking me about how to go on a mission. He said he might like to go after he graduates! I hope he gets to! That would be so awesome!! Then Sunday Elder Marks and I got to help a member confirm him. It was great. Oh also a member that really helped with his lessons baptized him. 

The next thing was that we finally had some success finding new investigators!! We found 6 this week and a lot of other potentials! 3 of the 6 were the family we met knocking a few weeks ago! I have been calling them to try and get them to set up and they finally did! It was wonderful! Hopefully it goes well with all of them. The one really good one from last week didn't show up to our meeting and we haven't been able to get a hold of him. 

Saturday before the baptism a member took us to an all you can heat hot pot. You take vegetables and meat and throw them in the boiling soup stuff in front of you and cook it and you just go until you are full! I can't eat very much and get full pretty fast but I did have quite a bit of bacon, lamb, and beef.. It's all in these little strips so it cooks super fast! I also tried some fish some fish skin and a little purple squid. It was all really good except I didn't love the squid.. It was really rubbery and not too yummy. They also had ice cream and a lot of other desserts and I loved it! Oh there was like a flower petal thing and that was tasty too! 

I really love it here in Tianmu and I can feel my love for the people here growing every week! A scripture I have been thinking about a lot this week is Matthew 10:39. I started realizing I was a little focused on myself and how I am going to learn Chinese and how I am going to get better at spreading the gospel and stuff.. I realized that I wasn't turning out like the character of Christ so I have been working on that! And it works! I think more about the people and how I can help and serve them and I feel happier and less worried! I want to learn Chinese so that I can effectively share the gospel with the people here. Not just to know the language. I am getting better at helping in lessons and I have started talking and helping in the on the street contacting as well! We have phases for the language and I am hoping to finish up phase one which is all the lessons and gospel things within the next two weeks. 

Tomorrow we have our 6 week trainer trainee meeting thing so I will see everyone I came out with for the first time! I'm excited! 

Looking forward to another great week! I love and miss you all! Have a wonderful week!

His friend from home that brought him to church. 
After our Harry Potter party for English. 

Love Elder Jensen

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