Monday, September 14, 2015

Crazy News!

So this week was the best week yet! Each week gets a little bit better and I think I get a little bit more adjusted! 

The 18 year old we were meeting with last Monday set up and we will be baptizing him on the 26th if everything goes according to plan. He is really awesome! I like him! 

So this week was mostly the same stuff.. Really searching for new investigators but we still didn't find any. We did have a few miracles though! We were getting no where and then prayed that someone would be willing to meet with us and the next man we talked to said he would be and gave us his number! He still hasn't set up.. But that was enough to get us excited again and then we found two college students from Hong Kong that just moved here and they were really interested and awesome! They don't live in our area though! 

Also this weekend we were looking for some less actives and we decided to knock the apartments in one area. We had no luck and were about to leave when I realized we hadn't knocked the rest of the apartment that the Less active lived in. And felt like we should do that before we left. Like the second person we rang let us come up and then they gave us water and crackers and let us teach a whole lesson! It was awesome!! Also they had been to our english class a long time ago.. Like a couple of years! So that was really cool!

Then on Friday we had an outdoor zone conference. We went to a mountain called Yang ming shan and hiked and had a lot of training on being positive and overcoming fear and being bold and it was all super awesome and motivating! We now say our favorite thing about each day before we got to bed! It might be worth trying! 

Now for the crazy news.. Our Zone Leader Elder Ure is moving into the office as the recorder so he has to leave today for training. So his companion Elder Anderton will be joining us in a tripanionship and we will be over TIanmu and Shilin for the next two weeks until he gets a new companion! It is going to be really interesting to see how we will work it out and where we will live and how we will keep up both areas at once! I'm really excited though! I really like Elder Anderton and it will be really great! Wish us luck;) Also Elder Anderton is like a brand new Zone Leader and now he'll be training one.. Crazy! 

That's all for this week! We had a lot of great things happen! We've had 4 people attending at least part of church and then a couple other less actives as well! I love them all! I'll let you know how things are going here next week! 

Have a great Week! Love you all! 

Elder Jensen

Officially a resident!

A really awesome lady from the ward made us an awesome lunch at her store today!

Sunset over Tianmu
And the hike.

Our zone

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