Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Good Week!

So going to the temple on Wednesday was really nice! We also got to go across the street to President's house and eat brownies after! And after the temple we had the temple tour with Wilson and it was really great! He was really excited about being able to do work for his dad who has passed away. We told him that in order to be baptized he'd need to come to church this Sunday and then the next day he said he'd met with his boss and quit his job because getting Sundays off wasn't going to work. He is super super awesome and has a ton of faith! 

This morning he texted us though and said he wasn't sure about being baptized on Saturday anymore. He said it has been really fast and he just got excited.. We are thinking maybe he didn't really want to leave work and was going to go back.. We aren't sure right now! But he's already passed his interview! We will continue to work with him and see what happens! 

The rest of the week was busy and fun and crazy! We had a lot of lessons this week! We visited a lot of less actives! Our lessons are still not turning into new investigators though! People here are so nice to us it is crazy! The other day we were contacting someone and this guy came up and said Elders happy halloween and handed us each a bag of m&ms and left.. I don't remember if I said that last week! Also we had a member give us a box full of hot chocolate and milk and bread! And everyone is just super nice and kind! 

I have been thinking about how much of a role the ward can play. We have these videos of wards that got excited about missionary work and really worked with the missionaries and they have a ton of baptisms and success and so I have been trying to think about how we can get a better relationship with the ward and get them excited! They are all super awesome and willing to help but they are also really busy! I don't know.. Hopefully we can do something with that!

Aaron is still doing awesome! He is our best friend! He also got the priesthood yesterday which was awesome! He is doing really well! 

Other crazy things from yesterday.. I saw President Deng my branch president in the MTC! His mom lives here in Shilin and they were in the ward that meets after us! It was cool to see them again! They were doing good! 

It is getting pretty weird.. Elder Marks is probably going to be moving next week! We don't have any idea yet but that is probably what it will be. It seems like I just got here and now we are coming up on the end of the second transfer. 

The weather has been perfect here the last few weeks! Super comfortable and just right! We had a bit of rain this last week though.. And the weirdest thing I ate this week was some noodle stuff with intestine in it! It was my second time and it was better than the first! Not bad.. 

I have been super blessed as far as all that food stuff goes! Things I didn't think I could eat or like I've eaten no problem and mostly liked them. And I haven't gotten sick or anything from any of the adjusting to food either! The Lord really takes care of us! My ponderize scripture last week was Mosiah 2:41. I know as we keep the commandments we really are blessed in all things both physical and spiritual! 

Sorry this has been all over.. I just write everything that pops into my head with no real order..

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!! 

Love Elder Jensen

With Wilson at the tour!

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