Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wo Hai Huozhe (I'm still alive)

I don't know if anyone was worried, but the reason I'm not writing until today is that today we get to go to the temple and so our preparation day was moved to today! 

This last week was a good one! I can't remember it all too well.. But I remember some. Being a missionary is crazy! We go into meeting's with people we don't know all of the time. Last Monday we were going to meet a lady at her restaurant and we brought our recent convert Aaron to be a member present since she is a girl. Her restaurant ended up being super nice and she qinged us. Which means that she fed us for free! It was a really really tasty hot pot place and she gave us vegetables and a few types of meat and it was all really good! There was even some big cubes of ducks blood that tasted really good! She was a super nice lady and she ended up offering Aaron a job there on the spot as well. It was a lot of fun and she also seemed pretty interested in the gospel but she's been out of the country so we haven't been able to meet yet. 

The rest of the week went pretty normal I think. We found a new college student that we will be meeting on Saturday and hopefully that will go well! 

Our baptismal date investigators Wilson and Mark are both super awesome and we are hoping that they can both be baptized on the 31st. We are doing a temple tour with Wilson today after we go to the temple and then we are going to teach a lesson and then go to eat with him. He took the whole day off to meet with us and then our preparation day was switched so we get to spend a lot of time with him! 

I have been able to really see Mark change as he's been meeting with us from not understanding at all to starting to understand and he has changed a lot since we started meeting. It is amazing to see the gospel work in the lives of these people and to see the change. 

Yesterday we had our interviews with President Jergensen! It was really awesome! I love him. He got me really excited about the work and stuff and he's just a really great guy! 

Monday night I went on exchanges with Elder Anderton and we were in the Tianmu area. It was my first time in my area without Elder Marks. It helped me to see that I can do a lot more than I thought. Our lessons that night went really well and I was able to kind of get comfortable trying to speak more in the lessons. Elder Anderton is awesome and it's always fun to get to spend some time with him too. 

This week I have been reading in Alma about Ammon and his missionary work among the Lamanites! They were some pretty awesome missionaries. I love the story. Also something stood out to me as I read it so I would like to share that. 

When the people of Lamoni became converted they buried their weapons (sins). So that even if they had wanted to go back to them there was no way. I thought that was a powerful lesson. When we struggle with things we can take measures to make sure there's no way to go back. 

And then also Alma 26 is all about Ammon rejoicing in the greatness and goodness of God. And I really love that whole chapter as well! I want to be an instrument in helping people the way they did. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! The work is getting better and better here in Tianmu. I am excited to see what the rest of this week brings. Love you and miss you all! 

Elder Jensen

Nice member and cool hat!
This came from a youzi it is super tasty fruit that tastes kind of like grapefruit but a lot better and you can make hats out of the peels;)

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