Monday, October 12, 2015

Conference Weekend!!

This was a great week! I am having a hard time remembering what happened though.. I will do my best! 

Monday we went to the Chang Kaishek Memorial hall and saw some amazing things! There were all of these paintings and pictures and I thought they were awesome! Also Elder Marks friend  Jeffrey came with us again! I loved it.. He is the funniest guy ever! And he went to BYU for a while and speaks really good english! After the memorial hall he took us to a all you can eat pizza hut! It was a great end to a really fun preparation day! 

Tuesday we had zone meeting and it was really really good! We talked about doing what needs to happen to split our stake by the end of the year. It was really motivating! They also played a video with pictures of our baptisms from when we were little.. It was cool to remember that day! We have been asked to think about what baptism means to us and to study it a little bit everyday this transfer! It is awesome! 

We taught some lessons this week and a lot of them went very well! We have 3 people with dates for October and we are really hoping that they can make it. I'm not sure how committed any of them are right now.. But it will work out! 

Taiwan is a really amazing place! I love to just look around when there is a second to do that and appreciate all the things around me. It has started getting a bit cooler these last few days! Almost even cold at times! That will be interesting! But it is super comfortable most of the time and it is awesome!

One of my favorite parts of the week was conference! It was such a wonderful experience! We got to watch it in English which was super super nice! I couldn't believe how many great things there were from every talk! I felt the spirit strongly! I loved the "ponderize" challenge! It is super cool! So if anyone wants feel free to ask my verse through out the mission.. Also I loved the talk on mothers! Thanks for being such a great mom mom! And all of the talks.. So good..  But I really felt like the Atonement is powerful and if you just use faith it can help us overcome ever challenge, weakness, sin, or anything we face.. Anything at all! That was awesome.. 

Sorry this is short! I will try to make next week more interesting! But the work is progressing! We still need to find some solid new investigators! Wish us luck!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Stay tuned for some awesome pictures..

Love, Elder Jensen

These guys can't move for like an hour or two. 

Resting against Taipei 101 :)

Having some fun with the tower!

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