Monday, May 16, 2016


This week was a pretty routine week! Not a lot of things happened! We went around trying to see all of the people that we are trying to get baptized! 

One highlight of the week was the Huang Family! We went and saw them on Monday, Thursday and some came to an activity with us on Saturday! They are all super awesome and we were able to set a baptismal date with six of them! They are pretty excited! We just need to share some lessons and get them all ready! 

Also Elder Diepeveen did five baptismal interviews for the Elders and Sisters down in Zhunan! They all passed! It's a family too! Super cool!! 

There was some crazy rain that came out of nowhere one day this week! That's always fun! 

We had an awesome meeting with our ward mission leader and our second counselor! It is so cool to see how badly the ward wants to help and wants to work with us! We are still just working on making it work;) It's going a lot better than when we first got here though! 

And the greatest thing is that An An will finally be baptized this coming Sunday!! We still have a few things to work out but it's going to happen:) I'm so glad she's finally going to make it! She's wanted to be baptized super bad for the last two months! 

Sorry I've been all over the place in this email and been super short! Next week is going to be more exciting I think;) 

But I'm absolutely loving it here! So many great experiences! 

And now for a little spiritual share.. I was thinking about how I can't think of any personal experiences to share with people when I share about how much the Book of Mormon means to me.. I know it has blessed me.. It is so important to me and it has helped me countless times, but I couldn't think of anything specific! Well then I remembered the journal I have has some stuff from before the mission and it had like 5 times where I wrote about the scriptures and how they'd helped me! Then I found another journal that had some from on the mission! I was so grateful that I'd written them down! And I just want to share my testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon! It is such a special book.. It has been the thing I've gone to in my life when I have questions, concerns, or everything is going great! It is there for everything and I love it!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!
Love, Elder Jensen!

Looks like we're on TV, but it's just a mirror! ​Forgot to mention that since it's gotten warmer I sweat way to much and people always ask me if I'm okay..;)

Ward activity! The girl in the light blue us one of our investigators in the Huang family!

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