Monday, January 4, 2016

The New Year is here!

Hmm.. This last week was a pretty normal one! Really fun though! And occasionally frustrating! I'll tell you about the frustrating part right here and then just share about the great week! We had about 6 or 7 people we were hoping would be to church and ended up with 0. We just can't seem to find any super solid investigators so we are still working on that! A big factor as well is that it was raining and if it rains most people don't want to go outside for church. 

Okay so this last week was really really fun! On Monday we went to the coast and it was really fun! Most of our zone was there and we played ultimate Frisbee with a rugby ball! It was a blast! The beach was nice! It is pretty nice to be able to just hop on a train for a few minutes and then walk over to it! No where in Taiwan is nearly as far from the ocean as we are in Utah;) 

That night we went to Samba's Pizza with Jason and it was fun! Jason leaves for Europe this week.. I'm sure going to miss him! He also fed us dinner at his house last night which I was super grateful for cause we don't have much food at home! I ate squid again and it was pretty good! 

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Zhunan.. Once for District meeting and once for English class. It is kinda far away and takes up a large part of our day! English class was really fun though! 

Thursday we found a 9 year old girl that was super super nice and invited us into her house! We will be going back on Wednesday to meet with her again! Hopefully it goes well! We have been doing a lot of knocking here lately! Most people say no, but if you get let into their house our thinking is they'll be more solid investigators! It has been enjoyable! We've definitely had some interesting experiences! 

So Thursday night we went to dinner again with Jason at a restaurant called "Feed me" I had a pineapple hamburger so that was really good! Also they played Taylor Swift once or twice.. That brought back a lot of great memories driving around and not getting pulled over.. (I don't know if anyone saw Elder Jacksons email but he got me pretty good) That morning I also ate a sandwich on black bread with peanut butter and egg and bacon! So that day had some great food! 

Later that night as we were knocking we came across a group of college kids about to have a Barbecue for New Years Eve. There were 11 of them and we just asked them if we could pray with them and they were all for it. That was the biggest group of people I've ever taught at once! None of them turned out too interested but they were all really nice and it was an exciting way to close out 2015! 

2016 is here and with it I have gotten a bit of a boost of energy and excitement! I'm excited about setting goals and striving to improve and give more and more people a chance to learn the gospel! It is going to be a great year! We have been sharing about setting new years resolutions with some investigators and less actives and it is always exciting to see the goals they set as well! We have a brand new year to continue to learn, grow, develop our testimonies, and become more like our Heavenly Father! And more like the person He wants and knows we can be! I know that he will help us as we strive to do this! Also I think it would be a good idea to ask him what we can do to improve.. "What Lack I yet?" I guess! I want to close out with this awesome scripture for the new year! 3 Nephi 12:47! It is like a fresh start! I'm super excited for this upcoming year! Let's all go make the most we possibly can of it! 

Love and miss you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

Headed to the Beach! And Holding a ton of money!

Some black bread and French toast we made!

This is our group of college kids!

Fun at the beach. 

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