Monday, January 11, 2016

Exciting week!

On Tuesday we received some news of some changes in the mission that were kind of exciting I guess! In the past when we move we've gone to a meeting with everyone moving and met our new companion and gone back to the area together. From now on we will just receive a call and then go there. We are really focusing on being in our areas as much as possible because we are striving to teach repentance and baptize converts! That is the ultimate goal and we are trying to pick up the pace. 

That being said Elder Welch and I have really been trying to pick up the pace and have a sense of urgency in our work! I'm getting to the point in my mission were I am mostly comfortable being a missionary and am now trying to work on becoming a really good and effective one! 

Yesterday we were able to see a lot of really cool miracles. We were out knocking and trying to find the prepared and we knocked on a door and a 13 year old kid told us he'd be down in a second. As we were waiting his aunt came up from the parking lot and told us that she had become Christian not too long ago, she had to leave but set up to listen to a message from us this week. Then her nephew came down and had a lesson with us and set a baptismal date. Then at the end of his lesson a stranger came up from the road and asked if we were missionaries and told us that the road over had a kid that lived with his grandma and she was worried he isn't very well behaved and asked us to go teach him. She walked over to his house with us and we were able to schedule a time with his grandma that we'll be going back to see him. It was a crazy string of miracles and a huge blessing! 

Another great thing that happened this week is that we went to see a 9 year old girl we met 2 weeks ago and she ended up also setting a baptismal date and we were able to go back and continue to teach her every day after that. We did everything we could to get her to church and Sunday morning we went over and her grandpa told us that he was going to take her after they got breakfast and then they got into the car and drove off. They didn't end up showing up so there is still some work to do but this girl is amazing. As we teach her the lessons she understands it so clearly and often ends up explaining the principles back to us in a way that teaches us more about them. I'm really excited for her! She seems really mature for a 9 year old and it is kind of interesting because her family just lets us into the house and we teach her but the family doesn't really listen! Pray we can get her to church! 

This is her

​She is super blunt too.. She tells us how we have bad Chinese and she will teach us and then she talks really fast and we don't understand and she is like you didn't get that? And sighs and falls over or something and then tells us our brains are super slow;) It is great to find out what people are really thinking about our Chinese since everyone else tells us it is really good;) 

I guess that I should say that the language is going well! I have struggled to improve my speaking and vocab and stuff as I am working on learning how to read. Learning to read is hit and miss.. The characters still all look the same sometimes;) But it is coming! 

And.. Now to close I have been reading and studying faith this month! I am learning a lot! Miracles are all wrought according to faith! But I'm also learning that faith is a choice and you have to choose to act if you really believe. You have to work as hard as you can and despite challenges or set backs you have to choose to keep believing and having faith and working! And as we continue choosing faith we start to see the miracles! Some big and many small! I am working on letting my faith lead me to work harder and harder and be more believing. I know their are prepared people here in Xianshan we just have to keep looking and trusting we'll be led to them and them to us! 

I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week! If you get a chance tell someone how this gospel has blessed your life this week! I know it will bless you and them:) 

Love Elder Jensen! 

P day... Super nice massage chairs. 

Some friends we met in McDonald's. 

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