Monday, January 18, 2016

Great week!

This was another great week! Fairly normal! But we had lots of little miracles throughout the week! 

Hmm.. Last Monday it rained all day and we ate something called pidan. It is like green and brown egg and it is definitely pretty nasty! 

Then we went to work! We have been doing a lot of knocking and just trying to find the people that are really ready for this message. We are still having a hard time finding people that stick. It poured yesterday and none of our investigators came to church. We are getting close with the 9 year old Wendy! We will be bringing the primary president to her house this week and hopefully find a way that we will be able to bring her to church! 

This past week we also did a lot of biking! We had a less active bring an investigator to church last week and so we rode out to meet her! Turns out she is at college about 45 minutes away through like a forest and up a hill! It is super sweet though! I love how you ride and all of the sudden you're not in the city any more and there are trees and fields everywhere! It is beautiful! Also our meeting with her was one of the best I've ever seen! She was listening so intently and super excited to be baptized! Unfortunately she is returning home to China on Wednesday so we won't be able to baptize her but we are going to meet her again tomorrow and tell her all we can about finding the church in China and stuff! She is a really really cool lady! 

We also ran into a lot of people that had met the missionaries before on Saturday! They were all really nice and one of them seemed very willing to try coming back to church and hopefully also meeting with us again! 

Chinese New year is coming up in February and so we run into a ton of people that say they are busy until the end of Chinese New Year which is like March.. It is crazy! But it's all good! Also Taiwan was all voting on Saturday! Everyone has to go home to where they grew up so we met a lot of people that don't live here! It was fun! Everyone was pretty excited! 

This transfer has been going super super fast! It is nuts! 

Well I can't think of anything else that went on this last week! Lots of knocking lots of really nice people! 

As my study on Faith for January I have been learning a lot! I love what the bible dictionary says about faith! You all are welcome to check it out! 

Oh and one more story! Yesterday we went to dinner at a members house and we were also there for their family home evening! They had a lesson on the tree of life and holding to the rod. The fathers invitation at the end to his four elementary age kids was to be brave enough to pray before their meals at school to stand as a good example. All of us missionaries felt pretty bad because none of us prayed before meals at school out loud or even in our hearts. It was a pretty cool invitation! So what can each of us do to get a firmer grip on the iron rod? Maybe try praying at school over your lunch! It's up to you:) Hahah Love you all have a great week! 

Also congrats to everyone getting married.. That is crazy;) 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Our friend from China!

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