Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

So this week went by pretty fast!! We didn't go to the temple this morning because it's closed for cleaning the next 2 weeks.. Next Monday we get to go help clean it though!

So first a little about my companions. Elder Facer is from Tennessee and Elder Hawkes is from Centerville. They are both really great and super smart. I really like them. Elder Facer played basketball in high school too. We have a goal to break the free throw record in the gym.. I think it is 47 right now but we have like 40 something days to beat it so I think we can get it;)  Dave Maynerd has the three point record with 33 in a row. I don't know how he did that. Pretty impressive!

Okay so this week we had the mission presidents seminar! I didn't see an apostle all week! They didn't speak last Tuesday or yesterday.. Hopefully we will have one tomorrow! But it was another normal week. Lots of studying and learning. I memorized about 200 words throughout the week but I'm not sure if I retained very many of those. Still the learning is going good. We are still trying to figure out how to teach in Chinese and together and stuff but it is going well!

I met my mission president on Friday night! He talked with us for about an hour and he is awesome! He is taking his twin 15 year old sons with us so we'll get to be around them some I think too! He left yesterday for Taiwan so he's probably getting there soonish. I am excited to serve with him. He said that Taiwan is great and that we will love it! 

I didn't get to host Landon or Tanner.. But I see Elder Mellior like everyday and I have seen Elder Cuff a few times too! It is great to see him! So nice to see faces from home! 

Before coming out here you think about your mission to Taiwan and stuff.. Now in the MTC Taiwan doesn't seem real. It's like the MTC is the mission;) but It's good! The days are super long but the weeks are starting to fly by! 

I think about the people I am going to serve and that helps me enjoy the time here. I have been focusing on taking advantage of this time! I don't want to just look forward to leaving the whole time! The MTC can be a really good experience too! And I'm starting to enjoy it. I have made a lot of good friends. I'll have to tell you all about Elder Johnson sometime.. He's done everything;) He's just super funny and great. But he's going to Hong Kong.

I guess that's all for this week! I'll try to have more next week! Remember the Lord will bless us as we rely on him! 

Have a great Fourth of July! 

Love, Elder Jensen

Here is my branch!

Elder Facer is the one to the left of the red head with glasses and Elder Hawkes is on the bottom with the back pack strap almost right below me!

Elder Jensen and Elder Todd- Provo MTC.  

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