Sunday, June 11, 2017

What a great week!

This week was a wonderful one! 

Monday we went on a nice hike. One that we went on a few weeks ago! But this time it didn't rain. The weather was perfect! 

Then this week people continued to progress really really well! 

One funny story and one miracle from the week.

First on Monday night we met with this guy. It was our second time meeting with him and he had a baptismal date. He told us at our lesson that he was reading and praying daily and excited for his baptism. After the lesson we go down to our bikes and Elder Heaton says woah look at that spider by the gate. And I was looking and then I noticed there were 2 stickers that the church makes here. We were like holy cow what are these doing here? There must be a less active member that lives here! So we pulled out the ward list and find the address we are at. Well then it turns out the address is the same as the investigator we just visited. So we look at the name and it is the investigators name. Then we called him and were like "You were baptized before?" And he had no idea what we were talking about.. He completely forgot his baptism. But yeah.. It turns out he is already a member! Good thing we didn't baptize him again! 

Now on Thursday we were meeting with David! He was found like the week before I got here and we started teaching him the lessons then. He started out not very interested but happy to listen to us. Well his interest and excitement has grown over the past 2 months and as he has kept the commandments he's become super super happy! At the beginning of our lesson we explained that we were going to finish the last of the commandments and that he'd be ready as far as lessons go to be baptized. Then we asked how he was feeling about baptism, he had a baptismal date of July 8. He replied that he wants to do it! Then we asked how he felt about moving his baptism up to this week and he replied that he wants to do it as soon as possible and he had thought of that as well! So his baptism will be on Thursday! I'm super excited for him! 

Oh and the Sisters found someone a while ago and then we taught him cause he was a man and then it turned out he didn't live in our ward. But he go baptized on Saturday and we got to go! Super awesome!

I know that the church is true. I know that the gospel brings happiness and can change anyone if they let it! I know that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and that through him we can find real peace. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Jensen


Saw Aaron!


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