Monday, June 6, 2016

New and Old

This last week were transfers and Elder Diepeveen moved out! So I will be staying here in Xiangshan for another 6 weeks! Puts me here for like 7 months;) I can't believe that.. It has gone super fast! But I have a new companion! His name is Elder Tan and he is from Malaysia! Which means that he speaks fluent English and Chinese! That has already been quite different! We have never had any problems communicating with people, but with Elder Tan here the communication is raised to a different level! And I'm just getting to watch and try to soak it all in! Maybe someday I'll speak that fast and fluently;) Anyway he is super cool and I'm enjoying serving with him so far! It is a big adjustment for sure! I have been living with someone from Lehi for like 7 months and now I'm not! But it is great! 

Okay so this last week Elder Diepeveen and I went out with Sunny and her husband and had a good preparation day exploring some places in Xinzhu that we had never been before! Then on Tuesday we had a great Zone meeting on overcoming fear and having faith! That is something good to be reminded of! Sometimes I feel fearless.. Other times I feel quite the opposite and have to remember to consciously choose faith and then it gets better:)

Then Elder Tan came in and it was kinda of crazy as we are trying to get him used to the area and meet all of our investigators and stuff! We had a super fun night on Saturday!! We went over to the Huang families and we made dinner for them! We made Taco's and they turned out super good!! I don't think that they'd ever eaten anything like that before! It was cool to be around them and cooking and build our relationships with them. They are all progressing! Some faster than others.. Only one of them made it to church on Sunday but it was still great! 

Then at church An An was confirmed!!! It was such a relief to have that all go over smoothly! After problem after problem with her baptism her confirmation went over really really well! Not a single problem:) We are so happy for her!! 

I have learned a lot from Elder Tan already and I'm looking forward to our time together! It will be fun! This will probably be it for me in Xiangshan so I'm going to give this place everything I've got for 6 more weeks! I love it here and am so grateful for the opportunity to stay a little longer! 

I love you and miss you all! Have a blessed week!! 

Much love, Elder Jensen!

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